The Teach Preparedness Early Program (TPEP) by Youth Exploration Services of Raleigh NC emphasizes the value of self-preparedness and S.T.E.M. skills.

  • We challenge participants to master the use of AppInventor, a mobile app creating software by MIT and Google

  • Upon completion of learning AppInventor, participants can earn community service hours assisting in the creation of Mobile apps that help youth  develop their creativity, prepare for careers, and inform the general public on safety and emergency preparedness.

Update!!! 5/28/2021 

We will soon resume our mobile app learning program to include app coding for iPhones!

Our mobile learning app, The Great American Eclipse App 2024, is currently in beta-test stage!!! This will be an exciting mobile app learning & preparedness opportunity.

Got a idea for an app? Learn how to go from concept to design to finished app to Appstore and Google Play submission! YES, you can do it! 

Parents, register your young person for TPEP. Complete our Contact Form on our Home Page, to receive further information.